“It is a truly unique gym with evidence based classes that are designed to improve not only your physical health and fitness but also your mental health. The trainers are all overwhelmingly friendly and make a genuine effort to get to know you and your body; the classes are small and welcoming and most importantly fun enough to make me enjoy exercising! I could not recommend Nimble more highly.”

Mark Rademaker

  • Why did you join Nimble Fitness?

I joined Nimble because I wanted to try something different. I had joined gyms in the past and not really enjoyed them. Ultimately, I liked the idea of small group sessions with the combination of different training. But most of all I wanted to lose some weight and thought I might as well give it ago.

  • What were your goals when you joined?

I didn’t really have many goals set. I really just wanted to come at least four times a week and push myself as hard as I could. I think I noticed a real change in my shape about a month into it, which made me try even harder. Then I thought, let’s do this thing and smash it.

  • What have you achieved in your time at Nimble?

I can now walk home without nearly passing out after a session! Over the last year I have lost 15 kilos! My bi age results have improved dramatically as well. My bioage has reduced by several years. Have gone from a 45 second plank hold to a 2.5 minute one, 26 push ups to 52 and improved my endurance running.

  • What makes Nimble different?

The trainers and the activity. Trainers and staff are friendly, helpful, encouraging, and straight-forward. At the end of the day they are just good people helping you improve yourself. They are not your typical gym junkie heads. They work with you and want you to succeed. The activity is also very different. I find it hard to explain to people, but it gets results. It’s fun, very challenging, and makes you think. The tyre flips, sledge hammer hits and pad work is my favourite!

  • Value for money?

YES! You get what you pay for! If you come in consistently even more so. At the end of the day my thought was, continue down the path of putting on weight and being unhealthy or make a change, pay some money and get healthier. So, I’m happy with it.

  • Would you recommend Nimble to others?

Yes. If you want that little bit extra or want to try something new, that actually gets results, whilst meeting great people and having fun. I say come in and give it a go.