Corporate Health Programs

People are your most important resource!

You’re a savvy business owner or manager, and you understand this.

You want to be able to attract the best staff and look after them, but sometimes people get so busy and consumed by their work that they don’t take the time to look after themselves, and that affects the quality of their work.

Did you know?

Exercise is the one key action shown by research to have the most profound impact on your brain health.

So think about the lifestyle of your staff and the impact on their brain and physical health as they:

  • Sit down at work all day

  • Drive to and from work

  • Sit down to eat their meals

  • Watch TV at home that night

Are your staff getting the movement they need to nourish their brains?

The 2012 clinical trial run by neuroscientist Professor Paul Taylor on the brain health of Melbourne professionals, established that in just 10 weeks of training three times per week at Nimble, participants were able to:

  • Boost the accuracy of recall

  • Boost the speed of their responses

  • Decrease anger and anxiety

  • Increase vigour


Weekly classes for your team

These sessions are perfect for improving your individuals and building your team.
Your team will be guided by one of our expert coaches through their sessions that are clinically proven to leave them

Fitter, Stronger, Smarter and Happier.


Please contact us on or call 0418994009 to enquire about how to improve the performance of your team.

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